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ZN900CG Interlocking Block Brick Making Machine

Latest Servo Vibration Technology

The block machine is equipped with the newly developed servo vibration system, which can ensure the vibration motors are in a synchronized state, which can guaranteethe vertical output of compaction force.Also avoid the shear stress damage of the horizontal compaction force to the machine and prolong the machine lifespan.The motor speed can reach more than 4000 rpm, which canprovide bigger compaction force & the block quality wouldbe greatly improved.
  1. Automatic Mould Clamping System with AirBags

There are air bags on the tamper head & two side ofmachine.After the mold is pushed into place, the airbag of the tamper head is inflated and tightened automatically.Finally, the airbag of the mold frame is inflated to clampthe mold frame automatically. In this way, it can help tosave a lot of time for changing different moulds, reduce the vibration noises & also increase production efficiency.

  1. Double Vibration System

Vibration table adopts high-duty Sweden HARDOX steel,consisting of dynamic table & static table, which can greatly improve the vibration efficiency. While there are another two vibrators on top, to increase compaction &guarantee the high quality of concrete blocks.

  1. Frequency conversional technology & control

QGM control system adopts SIEMENS PLC,Touchscreen, contactors & buttons etc., which perfectly combine the automatic technology and advanced systemfrom Germany.SIEMENS PLC has automatic trouble-shooting function for easy maintenance & also automatic-locking to avoid mechanical accidents caused by operational mistakes. While the SIEMENS touch screencan display real-time production status & achieve easyoperation by visualization representation. In case any partis broken in the future, the replacement part can be sourced locally, which can save a lot of time & cost.

  1. lntelligent Cloud System

QGM intelligent equipment cloud system realizes onlinemonitoring, remote upgrade, remote fault prediction andfault self-diagnosis, equipment health status evaluation;generates equipment operation and application statusreports and other functions; with the advantages ofremote control & operation, quick troubleshooting &maintenance for the clients. Everything is interconnected,and the production and operation of equipment can beseen through the network in every corner of the world.

Maximum Forming Area 1,300×650mm
Block Height 40-300mm
Cycle Time 14~24s (depending on block type)
Servo Vibration Force 100KN
Pallet Size 1,350×700×(14-35)mm
Servo Vibration Motors in Bottom 2×12KW/Set
Top Vibration Motors on Tamper Head 2×0.55KW
Control System SIEMENS
Total Power 52.6KW
Total Weight 17T (including facemix device & mould)
Machine Dimension 6,300×2,800×3,500mm

Block Type

Dimension (mm)



Production Capacity

(Per 8hs)

Hollow Block



10,800-13,500 pcs

Rectangular Paver



43,200-50,400 pcs





30,000-37,500 pcs




4,800-5,600 pcs

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