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QGM History


The brands listed in the recommended enterprises of China Concrete Equipment Industry for “Belt and Road Initiative”.
Won the Top Ten High-growth Enterprises at Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference; Top Ten "Cloud Enterprise" Benchmark Enterprises; Top ten Service-oriented Manufacturing Enterprises.
Established talent cultivation, research, and development base for the comprehensive utilization of solid waste at Peking Architectural University.
Achieved technology and talent cooperation for concrete projects with Fuzhou University.
Awarded by China Construction Machinery Industry: The Prize for Progress in Science and Technology; the Second Prize for Innovation in Science and Technology.
Mobile and pallet-free block machine won the Third Prize of Provincial Patent in Fujian.


The new company workshop, which has an area of 33 acres in the Taiwanese Investment Zone, started operation. As result, two bases (workshops) in Quanzhou were founded.
Zenith 940 Fully Automatic Mobile Multi-Layer Block Machine was recognized as the first (set) major technical equipment in Fujian Province.
Established the Fujian Quangong Mould Co., Ltd.
Awarded as a “Specialized, Excellent, Peculiar & Innovative” Enterprise in Fujian; and awarded the Gold Prize by the International Invention Technology Conference held in Paris, France.
The first company that won the national military standard certification in the industry, which means the product has a military quality.
The fully automatic mobile pallet-free block machine won the first prize in Technical Innovation of National Building Materials Machinery Industry in 2019.
Established a training base for school-enterprise talents with Peking Architectural University.
Chairman, Binghuang Fu, was awarded as one of “the influential 70 People of China Industrial".


Cooperated with Apollo Group in India, the joint venture, Apollo Zenith Concrete Technologies Pvt. Ltd, was founded.
Cooperating with Jiangsu Xinzhongtai Group and Beijing Badachu Group, the joint venture called Zhongjing Construction Co., ltd was founded.
Awarded as the “Specialized, Excellent, Peculiar and Innovative Enterprise” by Fujian Provincial Economic and Information Commission.


Awarded by MIIT: First Batch of Demonstration Enterprise of Single Champion in China Manufacturing Industry (There are only 53 leading enterprises from various industries in China for the first batch).
For QGM Intelligent Equipment Cloud Service Platform Control Center, it was awarded by MIIT as the Demonstration Project of Service-Oriented Manufacturing.
Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SOMMER to promote the development of China’s concrete prefabrication technology and preform automatic production line.


Fully acquired Austria Laier Group Mold Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (now renamed Zenith Formen Produktions GmbH).
QGM Intelligent Equipment Cloud Platform was awarded by the Fujian Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission: Fujian Province Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Enterprise.


Integration of the German factories into the Emden plant at Zenith in the city of Siegen.


QGM fully acquired Zenith Maschinenfabrik GmbH, who has more than 60 years of history in the block machine industry & is one of most famous brand in concrete block equipment manufacturing.
Set up QGM Germany R&D center in German, committed to absorbing the essence of Zenith machine & providing first-class products for global clients.
Located in the National Investment Zone (Taiwanese), the construction of the new factory was started.


Worked with American Hawkeye pedershaab company and became its exclusive agent in China.
Expanded 10 overseas offices and 25 China domestic offices and service centers.
Researched and developed the servo vibration system, leading the technological innovation of the domestic block machine industry.
The product sales area reaches more than 100 countries and regions.


Co-build the “Teaching Practical Base of Fuzhou University” with Fuzhou University.
QGM has already obtained more than 60 patents in block making machinery industry until March.
Set up Quangong Experimental Center.


Company share reformed: Quangong Machinery Co., Ltd.
Honored as “Fujian High-Tech Enterprise”, “The 4th Pilot of Innovative Enterprises in Fujian Province”, “Nan’an Advanced Group of Technology”.
The SCX-QT10/12 automatic production line was awarded as the independently innovative product in Fujian Province, “QT10-15 automatic production line was awarded as 6•18 excellent innovative products in Fujian Province; fully automatic production line was awarded as the third prize of patent award in Fujian Province.
Honored as the 2010 advanced group in building materials and machinery industry; QT10-15 was considered as the 2010 standard products in machinery industry.
QGM achieved 21 Utility Model Patent Certificates and 1 patent certificate for machine appearance.


Honored as one of the “Fujian Famous Trademarks”; the “Fully automatic block production line” won the Gold Prize of Quanzhou City Patent and Nan’an City Patent Gold Prize; 2009-2010 Enterprise of Good Creditworthiness.
QGM held the meeting for establishing the industrial standard- “National Block Machine Industry Standard”. QGM also participated for the standard drafting.
Obtained 21 utility model patent certificate.


Honored as “China Industry Top Ten Influential Products”, “China Industry First-choice Influential Brand”, “China Industry the Most Valuable Brand” “The Most Influential Brand in the Industry”.
Achieved 2 invention patents, 5 utility model patents.


The QT10 production line running in Dujiangyan, Sichuan, and it uses construction waste to make blocks, leading the industry in terms of comprehensive utilization of solid waste.
The technology of QT12-15 Block making machine was identified as the domestic leading technology by Fujian Economic and Trade Commission.
“QT10-15 Block Making Machine” was awarded as the first prize of scientific and technological progress in Nan’ an City.


Deeply explored overseas market and set up the first QGM overseas branch in Dubai, Middle East.
The technology of QT8-15 Block making machine was identified as the domestic leading technology by Fujian Economic and Trade Commission.
QT10 Block making machine was identified as the domestic leading technology by Fujian Economic and Trade Commission.
Obtained 4 utility model patent certificates.


The first QT10 fully automatic block production line was exported to Saudi Arabia and meant QGM started to enter the Middle East market.
QGM was identified as the patent experimental enterprise in Quanzhou.
“QT6-15 Block making machine” was awarded as the third prize of excellent new product in Fujian Province. Also, QT6 awarded as the Standard Enterprise by National Building Industry, “The National Top Ten Famous Block Making Machine Brand” by the Chinese Market Brand Association.
Gained 5 utility Model Patents certificates.


The trademark “QGM” was certified as “The Famous Trademark of Fujian Province”.
The fully automatic block making machine QT6 reached the leading quality of China approved by Science and technology achievements in Fujian province.
QT6-15 block making machines reached the leading quality of China identified by Fujian province economic and trade commission, acquired license for manufacturing measuring instruments of CHN.


Developed the first dry mortar machine in China.
Gained "Excellent Patent Third Prize" and the trademark “QGM” was awarded as the "Quanzhou Well-known Trademark Title".
Achieved 3 patents for invention.


The first company that developed the frequency control technology for block making; core technologies like frequency conversion on block making.
Awarded as “the Top Ten Credit Enterprises” by China Enterprise Credit Association, and “the Advanced Units of Honest Operation” by the Quaznhou Government.
Hollow block machines like model 8-15 and model 10-15 and the fully automatic hydraulic block machines (800T/1000T) were developed successfully.
Achieved 6 patents.


Established Quangong Machinery Co.,Ltd. And The company covers an area of 20 acres.
Having ISO9001 Quality Management Certificate.
The 6-15 type fully automatic hollow block making machine production line is sold in Hebei, serving Tangshan Kailuan Group, mainly using construction waste such as fly ash and slag to produce new building materials.
Invested and shared the road machinery industry, product included concrete block making machine, hollow block making machine, commercial cement concrete mixing plant, stabilized soil concrete mixing plant, modular concrete mixing plant.
Built a workshop of 8000㎡ and a warehouse of 1600㎡.


Developed the China first "automatic block making machine (multi-parts type)".
For the national spark program.
“Hollow block making machine” won 5 patents and QGM was identified as high tech enterprises by Fujian Provincial Committee.
9 overseas offices were set up.


Renamed as Quanzhou Municipal Engineering Machinery Factory.
The equipment of Type QT4 hollow block making machine was put into production.
First exported type QTJ3 hollow block moulding machines, 150T and 250T block making machines to South Sudan.
Set up offices in Kunming, Lanzhou and Shenyang.


The first 250T-750T twin-cylinder synchronous hydraulic press for concrete paving blocks in China has been developed and a practical new patent has been obtained.
Renamed as Quanzhou, Licheng Municipal Engineering Machinery Factory.


The marketing headquarter was moved from Xinhua Road to Yuantai Building in Quanzhou.
Developed the movable/mobile hollow block making machine-QT3, (medium 300-1200) 2000 cement pipe making machine.
Set up office in Shanghai.


Expand production, the company relocated to Fengzhou Town Taoyuan industrial zone. The first phase of the project is 12.8 acres, with a workshop area of 6438m2.
100T hydraulic block making machine is converted from manual demoulding to hydraulic demoulding.
Set up offices in Guangzhou, Guiyang, and Nanchang.


Developed a 100-ton hydraulic block making machine: four stations, gear pump hydraulic drive, manual demoulding; and produce all kinds of sidewalk floor tiles, quadrangular, octagonal, three-diamond, polygonal, grass-planting blocks, slope protection blocks, etc.
Entered the entire Northeast region market.


Developed a three-upright 150T pressure block making machine, adopting an electric single-axis plunger pump for oil supply, manual demoulding; this machine can produce colourful indoor tiles (200*200* 12-15mm).


The predecessor of QGM——Quanzhou Kaiyuan Municipal Engineering Machinery Factory was founded