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Paver Stone Block Moulds

QGM paver mould adopts low carbon alloy high strength carburizing steel and integrates precise wiring cutting technologyhigh-precision CNC processing technolbgy and 3D scanning technology to provide custamers with mould customization.These technologies can design a vaniety of contours and geometric shapes.lts clearance of 0.3-0.4mm, with precise vertical corners ands:mooth sidewalls.Pavers produced by QGM are easy-demoulding, high precision, no burrs around.Moulds can realize digital freesurface design and pressure plates interchange design. ln order to ensure the durability of the mould, QGM payer mould adopts carbunizing treatment., mould framies and pressure plates are hardened 60-63HRC, and the mirnimuim hardening depth is 1.2m.According to customers’ requests, the mould can be designed and manufactured by welding or modular thread locking. We offer high quality paving block moulds for all types of machines and tool fittings in the following design:

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