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The Power of QGM is to Depart from the Bauma Exhibition in Germany

     From October 24 to 30, the long-awaited Bauma (Munich International Construction Machinery, Building Material Machinery, Mining Machinery, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment Fair) in Germany successfully kicked off in Munich Exhibition Center.


     Despite the chaotic and complicated international situation and the dangerous form of the epidemic, QGM, although late but to the German Bauma exhibition, heavy attack. 24 October, under the leadership of general manager Fu Xinyuan, a total of 10 people fully loaded set off for Germany, together with Zenith Maschinenfabrik GmbH.

     The Bauma exhibition in Germany has a total exhibition area of 614,000 square meters, and over 3,000 exhibitors from 58 countries will gather together, attracting the attention of construction machinery people around the world! QGM will be in the core of the industry, showing the latest technological achievements and products for clients from all over the world. We invite you to share our innovative power and pulse the future of the industry!

ZENITH 870 block machine

     This time, ZENITH exhibited its latest technology ZENITH 870 single pallet block machine in the core booth area of this world-renowned "giant" exhibition, showing the hard-core strength of ZENITH manufacturing to the world. It attracted a large number of potential clients and visitors, and received unanimous recognition and praise.

ZENITH 870“Eagle Eye” automatic inspection system

     During the exhibition, “Eagle Eye” automatic inspection system was demonstrated on site, attracting a large number of potential clients and visitors to the booth. 3 years of epidemic has accumulated too much desire to come to the booth to consult and negotiate. Clients who seek for cooperation came from all over the world, some came from far away, Some of them came from all over the world. All of them have expressed their appreciation for the equipment exhibited by QGM & ZENITH.

     During the 7-day exhibition, we received hundreds of batches of customers. they have expressed their love for Zenith equipment during the conversation with our sales manager, . Among them, there are many clients who have been using machine from QGM & ZENITH for more than ten or twenty years to make a fortune. Also, during the period, it is directly signed several orders, and many high intention clients will communicate with us further.


     Adhere to the focus of development on the real economy, promote a new type of industrialization, accelerate the construction of a strong manufacturing country, a strong quality country, a strong aerospace country, a strong transportation country, a strong network country, and a strong digital China is our new development direction, in the current domestic and international double cycle background, QGM keep pace with the times, client demand-oriented continuous innovation, strengthen technology and intellectual self-sustainability, and further show the world the hard core strength of QGM.